Americans vote 'Mockingbird' most loved book


Americans vote ‘Mockingbird’ most loved book

The Great American Reads is a vote to decide the top 100 most loved novels in America. The top books were chosen by the public, with about 7,200 people participating in the voting this year. Each author was only allowed to have one book on the final list. Any book was acceptable as long as it was fiction and was published in English.

The list contains fictional books that date as far back as 1600 and as recent as 2016. Many genres can be found on the list, including American classics, thrillers, young adult novels, fantasy, adventure, historical fiction, romantic novels, and many more.

Thomas Jefferson students have read several of the books on the list, including the number one most loved book- To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. TJCA librarian and research coordinator Robin Lattimore says “I was very pleased with the ranking of To Kill A Mockingbird. This book has a very important universal message that will always be loved.”

“The list is a representation of commercial success rather than long term value,” Lattimore said. “I feel that eventually 50% of the books that are currently on the list will fall, and 50% of the books will stay.”

Out of 12,000 books in our library, we contain 40 out of the 100 books on the list in our collection. “During the month of November,” Lattimore continued, “we displayed the books, as well as ordering the The Great American Read: The Book of Books.”

Lattimore will gladly help any student wishing to find out about any of the books America chose as its most beloved.

Lattimore wishes to maintain TJ’s traditional print and electronic sources that are in use in the library, as well as wishing to grow ever-increasing collection of books. “When I first started working here 8 years ago, we had 7,400 books. But now our library has more than 12,000 books. I purchase on average between 200-300 books every year, whether to replace worn out books or to simply increase our supply.”

For more information on The Great American Read, visit the pbs website or talk to Lattimore.

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