The power of a book

Why reading is important

Books are often thought to be pages, binding and printed words, nothing more than a short list of ingredients. However, books can be so much more than this. To those who have never come to this realization, there is always an opportunity to grab a book and take off into a world of fantasy, mystery or science fiction. Books are a way to escape from the mundane routine of life and put yourself into something else, something better or maybe even something worse. One must never underestimate the power of the thing made from pages, binding and printed words.

In schools today, reading books has become more of a chore than a choice. Students no longer want to read because of the extensive lists of required reading that teachers often give. Required reading is something that must exist; there is no way around this fact, but it is important to make sure these books are not beyond the level of understanding of the students reading them. Requiring younger students to read advanced, complex novels and expecting them to understand them does nothing but push students away from the idea that reading can be an enjoyable activity outside the classroom. Another cause of this belief that reading is a boring task, is that teachers do little to encourage reading outside the classroom. This lack of encouragement to read outside of the classroom is a problem that needs to be resolved. Simply encouraging students to read while they are young will create habits that can grow into a genuine love for reading, although one is never too old to begin the process of growing a love for reading either. If students miss the opportunity to fall in love with books while they were young, there is still time, and it is important that teachers remind their students of this fact.

Even the pickiest of readers have books they can enjoy reading. If one does not enjoy to read a book that has been required or assigned by a teacher, that does not mean they should abstain from searching for things they might enjoy to read. There are so many types, genres, groups, and categories of books that one is certain to find something they love. Nearly all have access to the world’s largest library, the Internet. If internet access is unattainable, libraries are still an option. Libraries are home to thousands of unique books. Everyone should read because they want to, not because they have to or are forced to. Going on a book hunt is always fun. Finding the perfect book is like Christmas, but it lasts a little longer. That powerful feeling of being thrown into the world within a book is a feeling with which everyone should be acquainted. To ensure that no one is left out of this experience, students young and old ought to be encouraged to read.

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